*Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer

Maxing out at 235lbs, the word athlete was never something I heard early on in life. Throughout elementary and middle school I played soccer and basketball, but never stuck with sports or any type of physical activity for that matter. It was not until junior year of college when the light bulb turned on and I decided to make a change. I started small, running one mile and watching what I ate. Then two miles, adding some weight-lifting here and there to "mix-it-up." This worked for about 2-years and I ended up losing over 70lbs. I plateaued during graduate school and needed a new challenge.

Naturally, I decided to become a group fitness instructor for my local YMCA teaching group fitness classes, you know the ones, "Ripped," "Bridal Boot-Camp," the list goes on. This held my attention for about a year before I moved from Vermont to Tacoma in 2009 for work. This is when I was first introduced to CrossFit. It was love after first squat-clean. My life has changed in more ways than I can describe since then. From increased confidence and positive self-image, to healthier lifestyle habits and a passion for fitness, CrossFit was the catalyst I needed to take me where I have always wanted to go. I'm excited to work with ECCF members and share my passion for the "sport of fitness."