*Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer

*CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

*CrossFit Weighlifting Trainer

*USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

*ACE Personal Trainer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for many years as a personal trainer, hockey coach and as an athlete.  I played roller hockey on a national level and I’ve played on many State and Regional Ice Hockey Championship Teams.  Once I stopped playing hockey, I felt a void in my life.  I have since filled that void with CrossFit.  The camaraderie of CrossFit reminds me of being back on my hockey teams, and fulfills the fitness, teamwork and competitiveness I have been missing.

CrossFit's training methodology has opened my mind to a challenging and effective training program.  Two great aspects of my job as a CrossFit Trainer are working with the great people in our community and helping members increase their fitness levels.  Every person in the gym is dedicated and hard working.  It gives me great pleasure to see such positive results in our gym.

What I didn’t expect when I first started CrossFit was the community.  I moved to Seattle with my wife, Melinda, and we didn’t know anyone in the area.  Since being in CrossFit we have made several close friends and every one of them we met at CrossFit gyms. 


People that have never tried and given CrossFit a chance simply don’t know what they are missing.  Come in and check it out.  We love new people because we are passionate about what we do, we work hard, joke around and have fun. 

I enjoy the challenge of the training as much as I enjoy coaching others and helping them achieve their goals.