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All classes are one hour and include all skill levels.

Feeling nervous about being a beginner? That's normal. Rest easy because our coaches are experienced in guiding all types of athletes, novice or veteran, pushing you a little more or pulling you back at the right time. All workouts are scaled to your abilities!

Group CrossFit- 

The first 10-15 minutes are dedicated to the warm-up, the next 10-20 minutes are for our strength/skill work. We then go over the WOD, cover movement expectations and help you scale as needed. Finally, the group WOD is performed which can last between 5-25 min depending on the WOD. The remainder of the time is left for cool-down, mobility, and recovery stretching. You are encouraged to come early and /or stay late to work on whatever you want in the bonus room - mobility, mobility, mobility! 

Saturday TEAM WOD followed by OPEN GYM with Coach Joe-

Teams of..... all kinds! Teams of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and sometimes more! Every workout is different and these classes are tons of fun because you get to work with others to accomplish whatever the set work load is. You won't find these workouts posted on the WOD BLOG, no cherry picking this one! Some are harder than others, they are usually always longer than the CrossFit WOD's, but remember you are not alone, the work is split. You will always leave feeling ready to tackle of the rest of your weekend! Come at 11am if you want to do your own thing!

Sunday CrossFit TECHNIQUE FOCUS followed by OPEN GYM with Coach Sean-

Coach Sean will blow your mind with his knowledge and hands on approach to improve your form within minutes. He slows things down and is the definition of relentless. Come with an open mind, ready to listen and ready to put in some honest humble work.

OLY Class with Coach Lea-

With Coach Lea on Thursday's at 7:00pm. Coach Lea will program your hour to help you hone in your Olympic Lifing skill. She provides the program and is there to help you as needed. All skill levels welcome!

Fundamentals with Coach Joe-

These Fundamental classes teach you the form and safety of all our movements starting with the foundational movements not just of CrossFit, but of life. We will teach modifications and the lingo you need to feel ready to participate in the group classes.

Strength for Women Punch Card Program with Coach Stephanie-

• Learn how to lift weights safely with proper technique.

• Strength train with other women who share your goals in a fun, supportive and motivating environment.

• Increase your muscle and improve definition focusing on appropriate levels of progression to train the entire body.

A Strength Class for Women that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know for weight training beginners. Starting with body weight resistance exercises, you will learn how to lift free weights in the gym with confidence. All fitness levels and ages welcome!