I’ve heard that lots of people get injured doing CrossFit.  Is this true?

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding CrossFit and injury.  So, we would like to address some of these issues head on! Here are a couple of myths around CrossFit and injury that we’d like to bust:

Myth #1: CrossFit will get you injured.

For some strange reason there is love/hate attitude towards CrossFit amongst healthcare professionals. The research is pretty clear, CrossFit has NO higher injury rate than running, hockey, football, soccer, etc. The research is also pretty clear that being sedentary is WAY worse for your health!

Myth #2: If I am scaling the workout, I am not meeting the expectations of the workout.

Some really inspirational person once said fitness is a journey - not a destination. We are all unique individuals and scaling should be thought of as OPTIMIZING the workout for your own strengths and weaknesses. Do not let your ego get in the way of tailoring the workout to your specific needs.  Here’s the bottom line: Scaling is GOOD! Your Coaches are trained to help you scale any movement to fit your specific needs!

Myth #3: No pain, no gain!!

We have to dig a little deeper here. Pain, as in delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), is totally normal to feel in muscles 1-3 days after a workout. Pain as in joint soreness that lasts >24 hours, numbness/tingling, something that interrupts sleep or makes you move differently to avoid aggravating positions should NOT be considered normal.  Pain doesn’t always mean injury and should be treated differently.

You are in good hands here at Emerald City CrossFit.  Our professional Coaches are trained to keep you safe!  Your safety is our first priority.

So, now that we debunked some of the myths around injury and CrossFit, let’s get to the truths of the issue.

Truth #1: If done correctly, our workouts will help you prevent injury!

We are a core strength and conditioning program.  We train functional movements precisely because they match the demands that life will put on your body!  At Emerald City CrossFit we will teach you how your body is meant to move. We’ll help you build strength.  We’ll improve your conditioning. We will give the tools to face as many activities and adversities that life can throw at you!  And these new tools will help you become increasingly more resilient. As the famous Coach, Mark Rippetoe once said, “Strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general.”

Truth #2: Your Coaches are fantastic resources!

At Emerald City CrossFit, you will be under the close supervision of a trained professional.  Think of it as pseudo-personal training in a group setting. You job is to show up and have a good attitude.  Our job is to develop a thoughtful, thorough program, teach you how to move, watch you carefully while you move and lead you down the wonderful path of fitness!

While your Coaches are trained to keep you from experiencing pain, we’re also trained to help you deal with and work through any pain that you might experience!

Each of your Coaches has had a run-in with pain at some point in their athletic career.  And every Coach has worked through their pain or injury and come back stronger than ever!  There isn’t a secret for this, just increased knowledge in how to work through these issues.  Come talk to us, we’re here to help and may have experienced what you’re going through ourselves!

Truth #3: Our classes are designed to keep you safe, make you strong, and help you THRIVE.

There is a lot of thought that goes into our programming.  Every time you step foot in the gym, you will be partaking in training that is broad and inclusive with professionals that are trained to make sure you are executing every movement well!  In every class, your Coach will walk you through a dynamic warm-up geared towards prepping you for the day’s training. They’ll walk you through mobility and stability drills that will help you meet the demands of the workout.  They’ll help you choose proper loading, scale movements appropriately and meet the goals of the workout. And, they’ll do all of these things while also making it FUN!

Truth #4: You can learn some basic concepts that will help you prevent injury and take control of your fitness!

Here are some basic steps that we’ll guide you on to prevent injury:

  • We’ll teach you how to warm-up properly.  Dynamic warm-ups, mobility & stability drills, movement prep, muscle activation, CNS prep - the list goes on!  We’ll teach you how to best prepare your body for the stresses of training.

  • We’ll teach you how to optimize your nutrition to optimize your training!  Pre & Post workout nutrition, basic eating habits, hydration and sleep recommendations, the list goes on!

  • We’ll teach you how to recover properly.  Cool-down stretching, recovery breathing techniques, active recovery recommendations, rest day guidance, etc.

At Emerald City CrossFit, we will teach you how to prevent injury, how to work through pain if you find yourself having it, and we’ll give you the resources to work through injury.


Should you find yourself sidelined with injury or pain, consider making an appointment with our partner Physical Therapist, Ashley Henriques!

“Hey ECCF!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ashley Henriques and I have been a proud member of this box since October 2018 thanks to the peer pressure from my wife Bethany and Coach Andrea. Growing up I played just about every sport under the sun, that is until I tore my ACL playing indoor soccer. While injuring my knee was a huge bummer, it was the career spark that led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and a doctorate degree in physical therapy. Helping people achieve their goals and get back to what they love doing is what I thrive on!

As a physical therapist, I can tell you participating in Crossfit is AWESOME for the body in more ways than one!

Should you find yourself sidelined with injury or pain, consider making an appointment with me!

With physical therapy, we can help:

Analyze movement and technique

Rule in / out potential diagnoses

Test for proper mobility / stability requirements

Treat pain with hands on skills, graded loading, hands on skills

Properly scale exercises to allow for continued participation in WODs

What is tricky about pain is it is not solely based off tissue health, and sometimes the site of pain may not be what is the underlying dysfunction!  

If you are having pain I encourage you to reach out to discuss if a physical therapy evaluation is needed by ways of:

1. Say hello in the gym!

2. Call / text 330-705-7830

3. Email:

Together we can come up with an individualized plan to get you back to what you love doing, without restrictions!”