Friday June 22nd

Midline stability is always important, but it is especially important when lifting heavy things from the floor aka Deadlifting. 

A couple things to think about today: 

- Squeeze your arms into your sides. Doing this will help engage the lats and even a bit of your obliques (those side abs). 

- Think of your torso as one big cylinder. When we set up, try to push your belly out and every other muscle all the way around your back. Try to make that cylinder a little bit bigger. 

- Squeeze your butt and push your knees out simultaneously. It might help to imagine screwing your feet into the floor. (Keeping your feet in the same place, just think about pulling your heels closer together while pushing your pinky toes apart.) 

- At the top of every lift, squeeze the glutes and abs as hard as you can. This will lock you in and prepare you for the descent. Don't get floppy!