Thursday April 5th

Throw back... to the last 12 weeks of Macro Challenging!

From Nutrition Coach Kate:
I am so proud of all of you that participated!  Getting to hear from you each week and support you in this journey has been so much fun.  And those before and after photos . . .!!! Three months is a long time to stick to the grind and you did it.

My hope is that you all feel much more confident in balancing your "yes's" and "nos,"  your "wants" and "shoulds" and have proof that small, consistent changes over time make for lasting results.  You may have had to eat less of something or drink a little less alcohol, but you didn't have to give up anything. Most of you incurred frequent travel, vacations, or a nasty Winter bug or all of the above and every single person that showed up each week has physical proof of their hardwork. 

You guys earned every part of your success and thank you for being willing to let me take the reigns and do some of the steering.  You guys did all the work though.  You now have skills and tools to use forever, whether you stick with a macro diet or not, you always have the tools to keep moving the needle forward! This is still just the beginning of a journey and I challenge you to think about what you'd like to accomplish by the end of Spring, then Summer, then end of the year. If any of you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope to see many of you at the 7-year anniversary on June 16th, until then, happy eating!!


From ECCF Member Francesca:
So, I wasn't sure what to expect from this macro challenge. 

Here is what I learned. If I choose the food with high volume and low numbers, I can eat lots of it! As a result, I feel satisfy and I do not crave constant snacking. I started eating a huge salad with my lunch or dinner. It really helps filling me up! I could eat steak everyday, but I choose chicken or fish more often now. I like sweets! Well, who doesn't? If I decide early on that I will have a slice of pie, it's ok!!!! The trick is to build lunch and dinner around it. If I needed to sum up this challenge, I would say smarter food choices. That doesn't mean say no to the foods I like. I had a slice of key lime pie yesterday. As a consequence, I had to adjust my breakfast. But it was so worth it!!!! 


From ECCF Owner Melinda:
WOW! I learned more than I would have ever thought! It’s something you must go through and experience to fully understand - Coach Kate is always available to give one on one coaching which makes this feel even more successful. I am grateful to Coach Kate for her expert guidance and encouragement - she almost knows when you are going to try and get away with something, but gets your head around planning to keep you on track. My life is changed for the better - forever because you just can’t unlearn these key points of eating!


From ECCF Member John:
I was really worried going into the macro challenge...I wasn't sure how I would make it work with my sales job that includes lunches, dinners, happy hours, etc. The first week was definitely the most challenging for me.  Trying to get the macros within +/- 5 was hard.  I was eating some strange food combinations at the end of the day to get it to work.  My wife thought I was crazy.  Over time I was able to sort of figure out my macros and wasn't eating 2 cups of plain scrambled egg whites before going to bed.  Eating out was definitely a challenge, I never knew if I was guessing/estimating the macros properly.  

I think big things I learned with the macro challenge were: portion size; balance of food; better understanding of what's in food's around me. (It's amazing how much fat is in the foods we eat).

I felt great during the challenge...I've done other diets before but didn't have the energy to push myself hard in workouts or recover well.  I was working out 4-5 days a week during the challenge and never had an issue with energy or recovery.  I feel like the macro diet provides a great balance that allowed me to work out, do my job, and lose weight.  

I've enjoyed seeing the numbers on the scale go down; it's been a fun journey.  One which I plan to continue.  12 weeks was enough time for the transformation I want...I think I still have around 20 more pounds to go.  

I've always been an analytical numbers guy; so this diet turned out to be a natural fit for me.  It isn't a pain for me to follow and I kind of enjoy keeping track of what I eat.  My family is getting used to me weighing my food. When my parents came out for a visit during the challenge, my mom's one rememberable comment was "you certainly don't starve on this diet".  Which is true, I was never really hungry during the challenge.  

From ECCF Coach Mike:
The challenge is freaking amazing. Kate knows her stuff.
I lost 10 lbs of pudginess and a couple cms off my waist, chest and hips. I may even have a couple abs. I'm now at the weight I was when I left for college when I was 18. (crazy!). My pant size has gone from 34 to 32 and t shirts that felt like smediums now fit like mediums should.

My goals going in were to feel more comfortable in my clothes and to have more energy during the day. It's helped a ton in both aspects. We started off with certain numbers, and Kate has been super active in tweaking the numbers based on successes and failures. 

The hardest part of the first week was weighing food (especially during the day) and figuring out how the puzzle pieces all fit together. In the beginning I kept going over in fat macros and realized I wasn't eating nearly enough protein or carbs to sustain energy throughout the day. By week 2 it was SO EASY to figure out what to eat. If you tend to eat the same things every day it's super easy. If you like eating out you start to learn how to measure portions using instinct. I find it's way easier to eat out in week 10 than it was in week 2. I know what to order and what to stay away from.

The best part of the plan is that at no point do I feel like I'm sacrificing something. In fact the opposite. It will be dinner time and I'm always pleasantly surprised how often I can have a beer or cocktail and still fit within my macros. When I know I'm going to be drinking at night I just plug those beers into my app in the morning and their macro space is reserved! Boom!