Friday February 23rd

Have you signed up for the 2018 OPEN yet?!

Are you still un sure why to do it? Here is why!!!:

Has CrossFit changed your life? Improved your fitness? Are you the fittest “you” have ever been? Do you wonder where CrossFit can take you? Do you wonder what things you will be doing soon that you never thought you could do before?

We hope you answered YES to all of these questions! We hope that you want to be the best you everyday and push your limits to the next level; trying things you never thought you could do, because guess what…. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!! This is why the CrossFit OPEN is so important!

These 5 WOD’s held over 5-weeks (starting this year February 22nd, 2018) are the WOD’s that are the first steps to testing who is the FITTEST ON EARTH!

We may not be the fittest on Earth, but we are out to be the fittest we can be and we measure that every year by our improvement in the OPEN. We can even measure ourselves against all other athletes in the World in the comfort of our community.

Every workout starts at a point that everyone can participate…. 7 minutes of burpees anyone?? That was a real WOD… not our favorite but it was doable for every single person! There is a scaled division as well as masters divison - the OPEN is accessible to everyone! The beauty of the OPEN is that you will do more than you ever thought possible. 

Sign up online for the OPEN and let it and the UNMATCHABLE EXPERIENCE change your fitness, change your attitude, and change you! And if for some crazy reason none of that happens, then I hope you do it to be a part of OUR COMMUNITY, YOUR COMMUNITY, to support exactly what we are all about, measurable change with camaraderie that will blow your mind!

AND to top it off, it’s  just a big awesome party EVERY FRIDAY for 5 Weeks with food and drinks, and FRIENDS!

Please be sure to let the Coaches know if you have any questions!


What to expect:

  • The five 2018 workouts are announced at 5:00pm on Thursday's starting February 22nd.
  • Every Friday for 5 weeks, starting Feb 23rd, we will do these workouts together!
  • For morning and noon class times, you will sign up for a normal class time and just do the OPEN WOD in class. 
  • For afternoon class times, you will just show up whenever you can between 4:00pm & 6:30pm, sign up on the whiteboard for an upcoming heat.
  • Arrive early and stay late (like it was an hour class or stay longer!) so you can help judge and cheer on your fellow comrades. 
  • You will be responsible for warming yourself up (warm up will be written in the bonus room) and cooling yourself down.
  • Each athlete signed up for the OPEN will need a judge to count their reps during the WOD.
  • If you can't make it on Friday, you can come Thursday evening, Saturday, or Sunday during normal business hours and use the bonus room. Don't forget to bring a CrossFit friend to count your reps. You will be doing the WOD on your own or with others in the same boat as you.
  • If you need a coach to count your reps you can hire them for Personal Training time at $55/hr (even if a coach is your good friend).