Monday January 8th

The Whole30 Nutrition Challenge STARTS WEDNESDAY!!! I am sure that I am not the only one feeling the need for a reset! The holiday's always do a great job of throwing us off our game, so we planned this challenge as a way to get back on track! 

Here are the rules for the challenge: 

When: January 10th-February 8th (30 days)
What: Paleo Challenge  (RULES HERE)
Cost: $20 plus tax (SIGN UP HERE) Proceeds go to prizes for top 3 winners based on points and pictures.

How: Sign up and submit "before" challenge pictures by January 8th. Please send front, side, and back angles in bathing suit type clothes in good lighting with arms at your sides.

Tracking: You get 1 point per day for following Whole30. You will minus 1 point per non Whole30 food. You can get 5 points for reading and writing a summary on a nutrition/diet book during the month. You can also get 5 points for sharing what you learned from the challenge.

Questions? Email Jake at or Melinda at