Friday September 15th

ENDLESS SUMMER CHARITY THROWDOWN TOMORROW!! 10am-2pm at the gym. See you there! 

- ALSO - 

IT'S HERE! ECCF PAINTBALL!! Show your fellow athletes and favorite coaches you love them by peppering them with paint exiting your muzzle at 300 ft per second. Scroll for more details...


When: Oct 21st at 9:30am to 3pm.

Where: Location is 40 miles and 50 minutes north on I-5. We've rented the facility for just our group so no need to get shot by toothless locals.

What: $50 gets you 5 hours of paintball, a full set of rental gear, and 500 paintballs that can all be used on Travis after he no repped you in The Open last year. If you need additional paintballs over the 500 you'll be responsible for the cost outside the $50.

Who: All your best frenemies. We will have the place reserved as long as we get 10 people, but I've negotiated with the owner to let us have up to 40 in our party. This is a closed gym event and is for members only. If we do not reach 40 people by Oct 14th we will open it up to significant others. (Not because we don't love them too, just because it wouldn't be fair to say no to a member if we hit the limit). Statistics actually say that significant others are more fun to shoot. 

How: Send $50 to the Venmo account "@Michael-lyden-1" or PayPal "".... your spot is not reserved until I receive your payment. Saying "yeah I'm in!" to a coach while laying on the ground post Fran does not mean you're in.

Hope to see everyone there.