JUNE 6 2017

5 Reasons to Participate in the Mile Time Trial

Hey you guys! We are excited to host our pre-summer mile time trial with a trip to Feed & Co afterward! This is a great way to find out more about run club and to test yourself. I've made a little list as to why you should join us on June 15th.

  1. To find out what your capable of: Just like any max lift, the 1-mile time trial is an important test of your boundaries. You can see where you are in your running fitness beyond our inconsistent 1 miler to and from Aloha that can often be stopped by traffic and includes some hills. Running is an important movement in life, you should know your limitations on it and attempt to improve, isn't that why you're a crossfitter in the first place?
  2. To predict your speed for farther distances: Some of our members are interested in running longer distances. From 5ks to half marathons a mile time trial will help in calculating your efforts of what you could do in a longer race. 
  3. Competition: This is the most accurate way to get on the board for the 1-mile run! Last time we did this I believe we added three new records to our whiteboard. Could there be a whole new crop of fast folks taking over this time? Perhaps! Come and find out.
  4. To prove an older version of yourself wrong: So often I hear, "I haven't run since high school"," I couldn't possibly run as fast as I did back then", or "I wasn't good at it then, I'm not good at it now". You guys are crossfitters! You show up to put your body through heavy lifts, thousands of burpees, and endless squats. You're likely stronger than you used to be, come see if the new version of yourself is better than that high schooler who may have hated running (and maybe still do!).
  5. Burgers and beers afterward:  If nothing else, come for the run and then come to Feed & Co afterward so we can celebrate together. You can moan to me about how hard it was while we're enjoying some delicious food and drink.

Details for the run:

Come well hydrated and fed

Don't skip lunch the day of the time trial, make sure you're drinking plenty of water before it as well. This is what you should be doing for any WOD, but I really don't want anyone passing out, so be smart with food and drink.

The warm-up is necessary! We always warm-up before a WOD, so don't think you can get out of a warm-up before this run! If you plan to meet me at the Garfield Track on the day of the time trial, make sure you run at least 1200m (3 laps) before we start the mile. I'll run us through some warm-up drills that will also help get us ready.

4-laps and you're done. A mile on the track is a tiny bit over 4 laps, I'll have the correct mark on where to start. Stay on the inside lane for accuracy, yell out "TRACK!" to anyone who gets in your way. That being said be respectful of the space for others as well. When you're done get out of the inside lane and be mindful of where other athletes are on the track.

Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to seeing you there!