May 9 2017

What is Rx?

Whether you just started or are interested in CrossFit you may hear the term Rx tossed around. Each workout we do comes with weights, reps, and time domains prescribed for the workout. This leaves alot of people asking why? Can't I just go in and go at my own pace and just do the work and get it done. The simple answer. No. The hard answer is has that approach gotten you the results you want? Probably not in most cases. You had to do something outside your comfort zone at an intensity that was not pleasant.

So we have workouts that range from 3 minutes in length to 33 minutes in length. Neither workout is better than the other they just work different energy systems and are in different respiratory zones. We have three main energy systems.

  1. Phosphogen: our short burst sprint/strength system
  2. Glycolitic: Our short burst energy for big sets of strength or 200-400m runs
  3. Oxidative: Our marathon bouts
 Aaron jumping right into Tuesday!

Aaron jumping right into Tuesday!

On the respiratory side we have the Anaerobic and Aerobic. Anaerobic meaning lack of oxygen and aerobic meaning with oxygen. If you can talk pretty well while moving then you are aerobic otherwise welcome to the anaerobic pathway!

What does this have to do with Rx?

So we have the whiteboard and it says all sorts of things on it but it doesn't say purpose and intent. We are all smart individuals and that is why the coach is there to tell you what isn't written so you can get the most band for your buck in that hour you have with us. Also so you can spend more awesome hours with us. 

We need workouts that are short and hard to make us better at workouts like 17.3 where it was heavy this is where we build up our phosphogen and glycolitic systems so we can be the fastest strongest bursts of energy we can be. We need oxidative for workouts like 16.1 where it is just 20 minutes of work! 

Working one without the other is a good way to go and one way to do it. What we usually do is concurrent training. 3 days of one two days of the other and switch next week. two days in one week are fast and heavy while the other three may be long and drawn out. With murph around the corner you can guess our bias. So next time you see the whiteboard listening and leave your ego at the board and you might get the best workout yet.