May 3 2017


If you always find yourself getting torn up even after doing a lot of the things advised in the last post then this is the post for you. It is all about wraps/grips for you to take care of your hands. Your main options are two and three finger grips and then there are a ton of different fabrics to choose based on how you want the bar too feel and how long you want them to last. First thing you can do is be an O.G. like Kyle and make them yourself. If you were not an arts and crafts major then that probably won't work out for you. Other options are sold all over and they sell grips made of zinc oxide 100% cotton tape, Kangaroo Leather, Carbon fiber, and genuine leather. These are going to be different thickness and wear in tear in different time frames depending on the amount of bar work you do. The roogrips are having some pretty stellar reviews but they do not sell in a 3 finger style.