May 2 2017


We have all torn but we don't have to! It is not some sort of right of passage or anything. The number one way is to lotion regularly. By keeping your hands silky smooth it allows your hands to move and not get packed due to calluses. 

Say you have bad memory like Rich and can't remember to lotion your hands then their are other options that you can use before the fact but after the calluses. Your options are pumice stones, nail files, or a specialty callus shaver that you can get from the nearby Walgreen's!

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Be careful in your implementation of chalk as this tends to dry out the skin leading to greater wear and tear and building up the likelihood of tearing.

Another option is some hand grips which adds a layer between your hands and the bar. This will require more grip strength but is worth it in the long run especially if you work with your hands.

Now protect those hands and build your grip strength that is another easy way to help yourself. Try some loaded carries!