April 18 2017

Fundamental Movement Patterns

"Master the mechanics consistently to get stronger." -Rich

We often want to jump to the huge loads and the hardest movement patterns before we are ready. Sometimes we need to practice that virtue known as patience before we take that jump over the ledge into unknown waters. Movement practice is probably one of the most boring and monotonous parts of CrossFit that we all hate. You would rather smash with a lacrosse ball and smash a WOD than lay the foundations of your Fitness. 

In a time when things are instant why isn't our fitness. Unfortunately after years of not doing anything it won't be an overnight mission. It will take a few months to get everything moving in conjunction in an appropriate manner. If you have never squatted low bar, wide stance or high bar, narrow stance than you shouldn't expect to be as good at that as you are at your current squat pattern.

Our main patterns to master in all their variance are;

  1. Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Hinge
  4. Push
  5. Pull
  6. Twist
  7. Gait

Today we are going to talk about the squat. How do we know if we have mastered it when everyone has a different answer? The answer is all of them. Can I do the 27 Squat sequence without pain. If you can then you have adequate range of motion through the hips, knees, and ankles to squat healthy. If not keep squatting but know which one is your weakness and crush it.

Can you hold the bottom of a squat for 10 minutes? If no what part of you gives out first. If you feel yourself get burning shins work on your ankle range of motion. If you feel it in your hips or can't be restful down there then Practice different hip angled stretches. 

Can you squat your body weight on a barbell? No then try out a strength program based on getting it up. If you fall at an older age the inability to stand from the ground which requires this kind of strength then we are more likely to die, how dark! OR just get put in a retirement home by your kiddos. 

Go get your squat on and stay strong. Check back next week for the Lunge!