Wednesday December 6th


This Saturday from 11:30am-1:00pm we will have gymnastics Coach Levi Dempsey coming in to refine your pull up skill and help you progress from where ever you are now! Have pull ups already? How about butterfly pull ups? How close are you to bar muscle ups? Do they feel easy? How is your shoulder mobility?

It may seem like a long time to go over pull ups, but trust us, Levi is an expert and this is how much time he needs (he actually would go longer!). 

This will be first of many visits from Coach Levi. Pull ups are a common movement on lists of athletes goals. So where ever you are in your pull up progression, you will leave with some valuable knowledge and be a step ahead of where you were before (for only $10!!!).

Next time he visits we will focus on one of the many other gymnastics movements out there, but each time Levi has a workshop it will be 90 minutes focusing on one movement alone. You just wouldn't learn enough about one if we jammed multiple movements into a 90 minute session. 

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From Coach Levi:

While I've done assorted martial arts (Karate, Tai Kwon do, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Capoeira) for much of my life, I have no formal athletic background, I've never done organized gymnastics, didn't discover it as a kid, or spend countless hours growing up in the gym. Heck, I'm not even especially coordinated. 

The first time I was shown a Crossfit workout, I laughed and declared that no sane person would ever do something like that. I was dragged, literally, into a Crossfit gym in 2008 and was promptly destroyed by the initial assessment (rowing, push-ups, box jumps). It was one of the hardest physical things I had ever done, and I was terrible at it. To this day, I have no idea why I signed up. But I did, and over time, I became addicted to the suck. I learned that no matter how bad you are at something, nothing, but nothing, can stand against persistence. You might not get it right the first time, the second time, or even the hundredth time, but every time you fail, you learn something new, and become something better than what you were. And through failure, I grew stronger, more confidant, and more aware of my own capabil ities.

In 2010, Jeff Tucker came to my gym to coach a Crossfit Gymnastics course, and a spark was ignited. I discovered the magic of handstands, of body control, and of strength and power without a barbell. Over the next few years, that spark spread and deepened. I joined a hand balancing class at a circus school, and fell deeper yet into the movements. Two years later, when Tucker came back to my gym for another cert and invited me to help coach it, that spark flared and became a fire. At the end of that weekend, I remember thinking, "Wow... coaching this must be the most amazing job in the world!" And you know what? I was right.