Friday November 3rd

The Athlete of the Month for October is, Nick! Nick has been hitting the gym from all sides lately! He is a regular in the mornings, but you will also see him at Mobility class and at Happy Hours! He is all in and making some huge gains. Keep an eye out for Nick! 


Age: I'll be 25 November 3rd!

Occupation: Programmer at Nordstrom

In general, what is your athletic background?

Absolutely none, I played a little tennis in high school but once I left for college I was almost entirely sedentary.  Since starting CrossFit I've become way more athletic, I've starting hiking, biking, and even surfing when I can!

How did you learn about Emerald City CrossFit (ECCF) ?

You guys were the only CrossFit Gym close to me haha! However, everything I read online pointed to ECCF being a fantastic gym and I'm glad to say that it's exceeded my wildest expectations.

How has ECCF changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?

My level of fitness has never been better, and I attribute that solely to all the fantastic coaches! I can do double-unders, pull ups, and lift more weight than I ever thought I would be able to. I have way more energy thanks to the morning classes, not to mention a whole new group of friends!

List short/long term goals you would like to accomplish through ECCF:  

In the short term I'm working on my flexibility and mobility, I can't say enough good things about Mike's mobility class. I'm also focusing on my endurance and pushing myself to do one more rep. In the long term I'm always working toward being able to RX every workout, it's really motivating to see myself moving closer and closer to that goal.

What do you like most about ECCF?

I can't say enough about the coaches, I feel safe and confident doing complex lifts and I attribute that entirely to the coaching staff at ECCF.  I know if I'm doing something wrong or dangerous you'll call me out on it and I have a huge amount of respect for every one of you.  You guys also organize a lot of the fun activities that we do as a community, from happy hours to paintball, so you guys really bring us together as a community and make ECCF a fun place to be!

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

Power Snatch!

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?

Thrusters :(

Favorite WOD:

Annie! I can do it when I'm traveling or away from the gym.

What are you currently doing to try to improve your nutrition?  

I try and cook the majority of my own meals, so lot's of meal prep and salads. I find its easier for me to be lazy by heating up whatever is in the fridge than find something on Yelp, so I try and make the easy option the healthier one as well.

Favorite movie:

Die Hard

Favorite and/or current book:

I'm currently reading Warrior Kings of Sweden: The Rise of an Empire.  I read a lot of history books, it's like Game of Thrones but real!

Favorite music genre/artist:

Genre: EDM

Artist: Illenium

What do you like to do outside the gym?

I'm in-between hobbies at the lots of TV, movies, YouTube, and video games

In 10 words or less, what does CrossFit mean to you?

A community built around self improvement and hatred of burpees!