*Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer

*CrossFit Mobility Trainer

*CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

*CrossFit Weighlifting Trainer

I played every sport available through my childhood from softball, soccer, field hockey, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, track and field, ice hockey, to girls football. These sports were all great for me because I’ve always had a very competitive spirit.  However, none of them ever stuck with me long term. To stay fit I would go spinning and do the butt class at the local gym because I hated working out by myself. I was introduced to CrossFit and found my niche and feel sorry for people who workout alone.   

With CrossFit I found camaraderie in the gym and lifelong friendships have been developed in CrossFit that are unmatched.  Plus the workouts (WOD’s) feed my inner competitive nature.  I think of CrossFit as a family and I want to bring that to people who don’t have it and have never experienced it.

My goal as a CrossFit trainer is to help people become healthy, fit, build positive habits into their lifestyle and have fun doing it. I CrossFit to be healthy, have fun, make friends and to give me confidence, strength and energy to take on new adventures.