*Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer

*BA in Exercise Science

I've been an athlete for the large majority of my life, starting as a baseball player at a young age. I was never the dominating player on the field, but I worked to earn my spot.  I was introduced to CrossFit in 2009.  My next door neighbor had been doing CrossFit and was in the early stages of putting together a garage gym.  I jumped right in, using CrossFit as a way to improve as an athlete.  From there I decided that I wanted to learn more about health and fitness, and found an internship with Atlas CrossFit in Chicago, IL. 

I was eventually able to attend my Level 1. I loved learning about health and fitness and the concepts behind CrossFit. I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life and chose to go on to study Exercise Science at Loras College in Dubuque, IA. I love CrossFit, everything about it. I love that feeling at the end of a hard WOD, I love that there is always some way to push yourself and get better, and there is nothing better than the community.  CrossFit has shaped who I am today and continutes to guide my path.

CrossFit has also given me the ability to do almost anything I want.  I am originally from the Midwest so I couldn't wait to get out to the PNW and see what adventures might come up.  Since moving to Seattle, I have taken up Mountain Biking as a regular hobby and also had the opportunity to climb Mt. Hood! Next on my list is White Water Kayaking, who's with me?!

If you haven't tried CrossFit yet, you need too. It can literally change your life and open you up to things you might have never thought were possible before. See you at the gym!!