Removing the Stigma of Scaling

Scaling is GOOD.  Seriously, though.  Not only is it good, it’s GREAT.  At ECCF, we encourage our athletes to scale.  If you want to continue to see progress, grow as an athlete, hit heavier lifts, work towards more advanced movements, avoid injury, build resilience and enjoy a lifestyle of fitness forever, we need to see scaling in a new light.

In the early days of CrossFit, there was a stigma around scaling a workout.  Being “scaled” or “modified” felt like it was frowned upon. It felt like if you didn’t get an Rx by your name, your workout was somehow “lesser than…”.  Most gyms even had 2 sides of the board: scaled on one side, and Rx’d on the other. While a negative view of scaling was created, that wasn’t the original intention.  The intention was to encourage growth. The original Rx’d was developed to give athletes something to strive towards. With time and training in the program, coaches wanted to see their athletes getting stronger, advancing to higher level movements and continuing to progress.  So, pushing for that Rx’d workout was encouraged! But along the way, some negative results crept in.

Mindset shifts to help your fitness goals STICK!

Congratulations! The fact that you are here reading this means that you are well on your way to acheiving your health and fitness goals! Taking the first few steps are often the hardest, whether that is simply exploring your fitness options, taking our Fundamentals Course or signing up to be a member, you should be proud for seeking positive and healthy change in your life!

Sticking to a new fitness program can be difficult at first for many reasons. Trying something new is really hard, changing habits that have been ingrained in us for years is exceedingly difficult, and with our busy lifes it seems like we can always come up with an excuse. Here are my best tips for how to make this a lifelong lifestyle change that you will reap the benefits from for years to come!