#TechniqueTip: Scaling the Handstand Walk!

Hey @emeraldcitycrossfit! Who had fun tackling Handstand Walks & “Diane” yesterday?! The #morningcrews had a lot of fun working on their HS Walks and we wanted to highlight a few scaling options!


Option 1: The Gymnasty Bear Crawl!

Seen in the first video, this option is great for athletes looking to accumulate time upside-down while struggling to stay balanced. Here’s what we want to see with this movement:
✔️Shift your weight forward and bring your hips up over your shoulders and hands. You want to mimic the vertical upper body and torso that you’d perform in a HS Walk.
✔️Keeping your legs straight, slowly start inching forward keeping your weight in your arms and your arms straight.

✔️Just like a HS Wak, keep your midline tight, tight, tight!!