Mindset shifts to help your fitness goals STICK!

Congratulations! The fact that you are here reading this means that you are well on your way to acheiving your health and fitness goals! Taking the first few steps are often the hardest, whether that is simply exploring your fitness options, taking our Fundamentals Course or signing up to be a member, you should be proud for seeking positive and healthy change in your life!

Sticking to a new fitness program can be difficult at first for many reasons. Trying something new is really hard, changing habits that have been ingrained in us for years is exceedingly difficult, and with our busy lifes it seems like we can always come up with an excuse. Here are my best tips for how to make this a lifelong lifestyle change that you will reap the benefits from for years to come!

April Member of the Month

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?

The PEOPLE, the coaches, the community of it all. Of course the workout are kick ass, but truly it’s the people. I feel like we really celebrate each other’s ‘wins’ at ECCF and we build each other up. I love that type of stuff. 

February Member of the Month

What inspired you to start CrossFit?

I've always considered myself an athlete – I played soccer growing up and did some long-distance running in college and afterwards – but when I moved to Seattle in 2017, I didn't really make fitness or my health a priority. A friend of mine had been doing CrossFit in San Francisco for several years, and it had really transformed him, so last year I thought I would finally give it a try! And now I'm in love.

March Member of the Month

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?

First, of course, Coach Stephanie, who greeted me with open arms when I first started (my caterpillar phase).  Then the women with whom I have the pleasure to share that space three hours a week, and the true friendships that have blossomed have been a lovely surprise. The other coaches I have met seem great, and it's just a really positive and supportive atmosphere, while still kicking my butt!

December Member of the Month

What inspired you to start CrossFit?

In college, I was a long distance runner doing full and half marathons. After years of running, I realized that my endurance was great but I could barely lift 10 pound dumbbells and my knees were already starting to hurt. I started doing your typical globo gym work out, but that was SO BORING and I missed the competitive aspect. I had heard of crossfit. So Fall of 2015 I did my first WOD and loved it!

November Member Of The Month!

Hey ECCF!  Help us congratulate Max Eddy, our #memberofthemonth!!

Max is consistent, has a great work ethic, works on skills before class, is on time (aka 10 minutes early!), is coachable and is a joy to have in the gym!  Most importantly, Max always has a great attitude and is eager to grow!

Keep killin' it, Max!  Thanks for being a part of our #gymfamily!!

October Member Of The Month!

October Member Of The Month: Christiane Rekai

Hey @emeraldcitycrossfit!  Help us congratulate Christiane, our September Member Of The Month!!

Christiane came to Emerald City CF from the CD box and she continues to show up, put the work in, and always does it with a huge smile! (And she has a great sense of humor too!) She is a determined athlete and has put her progress to use recently having run a ½ marathon!  Watch out for this lady, she is sneaky strong!!

Congrats, Christiane!  Thanks for all you bring to our #gymfamily!

Age: 46

Occupation:  Cardiac Surgery Nurse Practitioner

In general, what is your athletic background?  

I was not very sporty as a kid; did a little gymnastics and swimming, but not seriously. About 15 years ago a friend asked me to do a sprint distance triathlon, and I got hooked on cycling.  I did a some road and track racing, and while I loved riding, I didn't care much for racing. I've continued with road riding and last year did the Seattle to Portland ride in a day. I also love mountaineering and have climbed some really fun tall mountains in the past few years.

How did you learn about Emerald City CrossFit (ECCF)?  

I came from CrossFit CD, which was in my neighborhood.

How has ECCF changed your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?  

Left my own devices I'd never lift a weight, so I'm happy to have help addressing that part of my training. I'm generally stronger and much less bored with workouts.

What do you like most about ECCF?  

Competent coaches who help me feel more confident with strength work, and the other members who are really fun to work out with.  

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

Bodyweight stuff like planks and air squats

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?

Overhead press

Favorite WOD:

I like all of them!

What are you currently doing to try to improve your nutrition?  

Always trying to drink more water and less alcohol, trying to eat more red meat

Favorite movie:  The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

Favorite and/or current book:  Currently re-reading Atlas Shrugged

Favorite music genre/artist:  I like all kinds of stuff but have been enjoying folk music lately

What do you like to do outside the gym?  

Go up mountains, bake, nap, spend time with friends

Fun fact about yourself others may not know?

I spent the early 90s going to raves and clubs in NYC and Philly!

In 10 words or less, what does CrossFit mean to you?  

Great workout with a side of smiles!

Christiane's MOTM.jpg

August Member of the Month

The member of the month for August is, Rachael! Rachael has been a member for almost a year now and the hard work shows! Shortly after joining, Rachael signed up for the CrossFit Open not quite knowing what to expect. I think she surprised herself, and the rest of us, as she did some of the workouts as Rx! Rachael is always humble but constantly pushing herself towards that next goal. Keep an eye out for her in the evening classes! 

July Member of the Month!

The member of the month for July is, Andrew! Andrew has been at ECCF for almost 2 years now and is one of the most regular, regulars at 5:30am! Not only does he show up at 5:30am but he will always lead by example with stellar form. He continually pushes his limits and challenges himself whether it is going for those couple extra HSPU in a workout or adding a little bit more to the bar for Snatch work. When Andrew isn't doing CrossFit, he likes to stay active by going on backpacking trips. Next time you see him, ask about his 4th of July backpacking trip and give him a high five! Keep scrolling to get to know a bit more about Andrew!