Why We Wait For Everyone to Finish Their WOD

Remember the first time you walked into a CrossFit gym? If you come from an athletic background walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time may not have been a unique experience for you, but if you don’t it can be utterly terrifying staring at equipment you have no idea how to use, looking at the whiteboard that’s written in a different language, or staring at the incredibly fit individuals picking up a barbell that weighs more than they do. Not too long ago, I (Coach Kendra) used to break out in hives because I was so nervous about going to the gym. I would sometimes drive all the way there just to turn around and go back home because just seeing everyone WODing through the windows would cause me so much anxiety. While the gym can be an incredible place that fosters fitness, community, and fun, for some the gym represents a place of failure, insecurity, mental barriers, or feeling out of place, at least at the beginning.

November Member Of The Month!

Hey ECCF!  Help us congratulate Max Eddy, our #memberofthemonth!!

Max is consistent, has a great work ethic, works on skills before class, is on time (aka 10 minutes early!), is coachable and is a joy to have in the gym!  Most importantly, Max always has a great attitude and is eager to grow!

Keep killin' it, Max!  Thanks for being a part of our #gymfamily!!