Holiday Gift Guide 2018

holiday Gift guide (1).png

Don’t know what to get that CrossFit loving cousin of yours? Or shopping for yourself (it’s okay, we all do it)? Below are our favorite holiday gifts for the CrossFit lover in your life!

CrossFit Specific Shoes & Lifters
Without a doubt, the number one gift for any CrossFit lover is new shoes! Just like specialty shoes for hiking, biking, soccer, rock climbing, and much more, we also need good, supportive shoes made specifically for our sport—CrossFit. Shoes designed specifically for CrossFit will help support you in the Olympic lifts and are designed to help you perfect that squat. Lifters offer added height to the heel to help with ankle mobility, hip mobility, and even shoulder mobility. While this doesn't mean you get to quit all that mobility work, it can help get into those demanding positions with less restrictions and more stability!  Different brands offer different benefits and different heel heights, see below for your coaches favorites!

  • Coach Joe’s Favorite Shoes: Nike Metcon 4 & Nike Romaleo 3

    • The Nike Metcon 4 provides a strong, stable base, flexible support, and is very durable.  It's the best of both worlds - I can squat and deadlift heavy (well, heavy for me) and run and jump comfortably!  GET SOME!

    • The Romaleo works great for athletes who have limited ankle mobility like me!  These lifters have a very high heel lift and hard sole.  I'm hitting deeper squats than ever with these bad boys, and looking fashionable, too!  Be aware, these are just for lifting and won't work for very many WODs like some of the hybrid lifters will. 

  • Coach Kendra’s Favorite: Nike Metcon DSX FlyKnit 2

    • This shoe has a narrower fit and fits like a glove. It is light weight but also has enough heel lift to make those squats just a little bit easier!

  • The OG: Reebok Nano

    • If you've been with CrossFit from the start the Nano is the way to go! It's cheaper than any other option and Rebook frequently runs sales. Many OG ahtletes and coaches swear by the Nano. 

  • The Cool Kids: No Bull

    • If you're interested in hanging with the cool kids, the No Bull is a must have! They have some awesome color options, high tops, and even genuine leather. Coach Kendra loves these for longer, body weight WODs as they are light weight, have a flatter bottom, and are great for running!

Mobility and Recovery Tools
Besides optimal nutrition and good sleep, active recovery on your rest days is the best way to see gains in the gym. We hit it hard when we are at the gym, so it is important to give your muscles some love! Not only can these be great to have at home, but great in the office too!

  • Foam Roller: Use just like we do in the gym, but in the comfort of your own home while catching up on your latest Netflix binge. Our favorite is the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller.

  • Lacrosse Ball: Yet again, the perfect active recovery to do while watching your favorite show.

  • Monster Band: Monster bands are great to have at home for a little extra mobility work that you can't get done in the gym. 

Nutrition Tools
Getting to the gym is hard enough, let alone making sure you have the right fuel to get through the WOD. Below are our favorite kitchen gadgets to make life just a little bit easier.

  • Food Scale: This cheap addition to your kitchen just might be the best decision you have ever made. While we like to think we are getting enough protein, or that the peanut butter we shoveled out is only one serving, often times we severely over estimate. This is Coach Kendra’s favorite way to dial in her nutrition!

  • InstantPot: This kitchen tool is by far the best time saver. Cooks sweet potatoes in less than 10 minutes, a full size pork roast in 30, and winter soups are done in a snap. The InstantPot also doubles as a slow cooker and rice cooker, and is a great way to boost your protein intake.

  • HydroFlask with Straw Lid: This water bottle will make drinking water your favorite activity of the day! Keeps water cold all day long, doesn’t sweat, and the straw lid makes it easy to sip away all day!

WOD Tools
Let’s face it, sometimes you just need some support to help you get through the WOD. Below are our favorite WOD tools to help make sure you get through the WOD safely and efficiently.

  • Jump Rope: If you have been struggling to get double unders, buying your own jump rope is a must! The consistency in length, weight, and feel will help you see faster improvements. If one style doesn't work, try another. Everyone is different when it comes to the weight of the rope and the type of handle they prefer. Jump ropes also make for a great customizable gift. 

  • Rogue Wrist Wraps: While there are tons of options in this department, we love the Rogue brand because they are a snap to put on, and are extra supportive.

  • Rehband Knee Sleeves: The stinkiest yet most commonly used WOD tool. These sleeves help warm those knees up in the winter months and provide stability and compression to keep those knees feeling good. Coach Joe recommends boiling them every few months to avoid the stank.

  • Harbinger Weight Belt: While weight belts shouldn’t be constantly relied upon, they can be a great way to help you get that PR. Our favorite is the Harbinger because of the wide back, variety of colors, and extra cushion.

  • Gym Bag: We will be clearing out the gym, so you will need something to cart all these WOD tools around in. Our favorite? Lululemon. Rogue also has some great options!