September Member of the Month- Andi Baldwin!

We love having Andi with us at ECCF! Anytime Andi is in class we know we are going to have a good time and look forward to the joy she brings! While Andi loves to push the limits, we enjoy her energy, humor, work ethic, and all those laugh and snort outbursts! Andi has made a ton of progress, too! She is getting stronger, her engine is better, and she’s advancing in her gymnastics movements! Keep up the great work, Andi!

Tell us about yourself!


I work at Swedish Medical Center in the case management department as a social worker discharge planner. I have two state licenses to practice social work in WA and OR. I have so many favorite foods, but I have such a sweet tooth. My favorite place is bakery Nouveau where I love to get the ham and cheese croissant, quad pumpkin spice latte, at least one piece of cake and four birthday cake Macaroons.

What inspired you to start CrossFit?

I started a weight loss journey several years ago in Portland. Moving to Seattle two years ago was the fresh start I needed and I started going to MKG in Northgate. I saw the classes and the community and asked a coach what it was.

What are your fitness goals?

This is ongoing and never ending. I try not to focus on weight although I think the two go hand in hand sometimes. I really want to be as healthy as possible and this includes dropping some weight so I can feel better and move better. Ultimately I want to be fit-and happy while accomplishing these goals.. so not limiting my lifestyle or comfort foods to the extreme and working out regardless of the end goal because its fun and good for me.

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?

The coaches and members. It is located perfectly and there is always parking which is a plus. And the members are fun here. To be honest, I feel welcome and accepted despite my difficult personality and sarcasm. I really like everyone and look forward to class.

What advice do you have for new members?

Keep coming and don't allow yourself to get in your own way. If you want a good workout and you want to have a good community-be open for everything. It took me one year to do a pull up-I probably wasn't as consistent as I could have been.. but be patient with yourself. And have fun. And if you put yourself first and actually participate you will have fun and get really fit.

What message do you have for your gym family?

I will never repeat this-but, thank you to everyone who has been so accepting of me, allowed me to be obnoxious and playful and for always being so supportive during workouts. Hearing my name or having someone laugh with or at me is the best feeling after a long hard day at work. I honestly would be lost without this place and I am so grateful.

Also, campaigning works and be prepared for when I run for Mayor and start my own podcast-Real Talk with Andi.