What to expect during class at ECCF!

Each of our classes is a fully packed hour of ftiness and fun with our expert coaches leading you every step of the way! We will take you through everything you need in order to get you closer to your fitness goals! Our classes are pseudo-personal training which means that a coach keeps a close eye on you at all times to maintain safety, improve your form, and push you to your limits! You show up (ready to work hard) and we take care of the rest!


Welcome & Warm-Up

For the first 15 minutes your coach will introduce you to your fellow athletes and guide you step-by-step through a warm-up. We focus a lot on priming our athletes for the work they are about to do as warming up and mobilizing are key to longevity and injury prevention.

Strength or Skill

The next 20 minutes will consist of strength or skill work. Through this time you will slow down and get to practice on perfecting your form and building strength. We cycle through strength and gymnastics cycles in order to get you the best results possible!

WOD (Workout of the Day)

The next 20 minutes the coach will explain the WOD, go through scaling options, make sure everyone's form is safe and get the workout started!


Cool Down & Clean-Up

Once all athletes are finished with their workout the coach will get your score for the day and give you instructions for clean-up. You will high five your fellow athletes and be on your way to fitness!


If you are loooking for a little more, each of our classes also has a programmed post-WOD. This is typically 10-15 minutes of additional work you can add in.

The best part (well, there are a few)

First, you are doing all of this with a community that will soon become some of your closest friends, and people you truly look forward to seeing. It's a lot easier to come to the gym after an exhausting day of work when you know you will get to workout alongside your friends.

Second, everyday is different and challenging--which means you're never bored and always wanting more. All you have to do is walk through the day ready to work hard and we take care of the rest!