VIDEO: Perfect Push-Up Position & How to Get Your First Rx Push-Up

Watch the video or read below for perfect push-up position and our favorite ways to get your first Rx push-up!

Part 1: Perfect Positions!


  • Hands shoulder-width apart

  • Fingers Spread wide

  • “Grip the floor” —just like the squat, spin into the ground, elbow pits facing forward

  • Hollow Body Position

  • Global tension—every muscle is on and firing!


  • Elbows at sides (or up to 45 degrees, but no further)

  • Keep Hollow!

  • Wrists at 90 degrees (not even with shoulders!)

  • Touch Chest & Hips at the same time

  • Head in-line with body (look 5’ in front)


  • Keep Hollow!

  • Keep “Grip” into floor

  • Head in-line

  • Full lockout

Part 2: How to get your first Push-Up!

Step 1: Master the Hollow Body!

Step 2: Bar Assisted Push-Ups

  • Start high, work lower

Step 2.5: Box Assisted Push-Ups

  • Start high, work lower

  • Prioritize Hollow!

  • Stay over the box (not behind!)

Step 3: Eccentric Push-Ups

  • Slow, controlled descent

  • Move to knees at bottom, keeping Hollow intact!

  • Reset at top

Step 4: Banded Push-Ups

  • Work to lowest attachment / thinnest band

Step 5: Push-Up!

Step 6: Master the Push-Up!

  • Tempo Work

  • Ring Push-Ups

  • Plyometric Push-Ups

  • Clapping

  • Handstand Push-Ups!