July Member of the Month!

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Help us congratulate July’s Member of the Month, Adam Rio!

We love how Adam always comes ready to work hard and push himself to the next level. We also appreciate his positive attitude, friendliness to other athletes, and attitude throughout his workouts. He keeps it fun and lighthearted while also working hard on his goals! 

See below for more about Adam! 

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Michigan followed by Texas, then lived in Brooklyn, NY for almost 12 years (which is where I started CrossFit!) before moving to Seattle in 2016. I have a Nursing background and a Master’s in Public Administration, and have been working in Quality and Patient Safety in hospitals since 2012. I’m obsessed with music (if it’s not obvious), grew up playing piano and taught myself to write and produce music when I was working as a nurse. I’ve been neglecting that hobby for the past several years though. 

What inspired you to start CrossFit?

I’ve always enjoyed fitness and being active, but in 2014 a good friend of mine started doing CrossFit and it piqued my interest. Then I started dating a guy who was a ballet dancer/gymnastics instructor who was extremely fit, and it made me want to up my fitness game. Then I just fell in love with it. CrossFit ended up being the relationship that lasted 

What are your fitness goals?

Honestly, I just want to keep improving and be really consistent. I’d like to get stronger in my legs but honestly I don’t have any super specific goals.

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?

I love the community, the great people, the inclusiveness, and the positive vibes. I’m also a big fan of Joe’s programming!

What advice do you have for new members?

Focus on your form (avoid injury!) and on your own personal goals. While it’s great to have other people to benchmark against, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so don’t get too hung up on competition. 

What message do you have for your gym family?

Y’all do more for my health and sanity than you know!

Favorite CrossFit movement? Overhead squats

Favorite book/movie? Never Let Me Go (book) Movies: anything by Almodóvar

Favorite workout jams? Charli XCX, hip-hop

Drink of choice? LaCroix

Favorite vacation spot? It’s always changing. Favorite vacation I ever took was Tokyo in 2012 but I’m more into nature vacations these days.