Why You Should Know Your Mile Time

By Coach Meg Gayman

What's harder, running a marathon or running a fast mile? As someone who has raced both, I'm going with the fast mile! A 1 mile time trial is the 1RM Deadlift of running. It gives you so much information about your running fitness! Why is that important to test? Well, let me list a few reasons:

To find out what your capable of:

Just like any max lift, the 1 mile time trial is an important test of your boundaries. Running is an important movement in life and in CrossFit. It’s helpful to know your limitations and attempt to improve. Just like CrossFit has benchmark “girl” workouts, the 1 Mile Time Trial is a great way to test & re-test your running fitness!  And, with all the strength work you put in at the gym every day, you just might surprise yourself!

To predict your speed for greater distances:

Some of our members are interested in running longer distances. From 5k fun runs to ½ and full marathons, a mile time trial will help in calculating your efforts of what you could do in a longer race. It's good to know your base before figuring out what else you can accomplish.  Knowing your mile time will help you plan out your longer runs and set smart goals for yourself.

To enjoy some friendly competition:

The 1 Mile Time Trial is a benchmark workout and is on our leaderboard at the gym!  The last time we ran this we added five new records to our white board. Could there be a whole new crop of fast folks taking over this time? Perhaps! Come and find out!

To prove an older version of yourself wrong:

So often I hear, "I haven't run since high school"," I couldn't possibly run as fast as I did back then", or "I wasn't good at it then, I'm not good at it now". You guys are crossfitters! You show up to put your body through heavy lifts, all the burpees, and loads of squats. You're likely stronger than you used to be!  Come see if the new version of yourself is better than that high schooler who may have hated running (and maybe still does!).

So come to the gym this Sunday at 10am for our 1 Mile Time Trial. It will be a fun way to test a benchmark with friends.  We'll be well warmed up, we’ll enjoy each other’s company and we’ll get after it! You'll be done before you know it, you’ll learn more about yourself as an athlete, you’ll be able to set realistic goals moving forward, and who knows - maybe you’ll have a shiny new PR to brag about!  We hope to see you this Sunday, July 28th at 10am!