May Member of the Month: Jonathan Peters

Member of the Month (4).png

Tell us about yourself! ⠀
I work in the game industry as a visual FX artist. Mostly that means that I make fire, explosions, rain, magic spells, etc. Anything in a game that needs special fx comes my way. At this point in my life I spend all of my free time learning how to play guitar. One day I may actually be able to play something. ⠀

What inspired you to start CrossFit?⠀
I spent decades working out alone and over the years I started to lose drive and focus. I needed a gym that had community and more structure. That is when I discovered ECCF. After a couple weeks of classes I was hooked.⠀

What are your fitness goals?⠀
I just want to be healthy and to be able to do a ring muscle up.⠀

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?
I love the community that you have created here at ECCF. Along with the community at ECCF the coaches are amazing and the daily workouts are perfect. Well done! ⠀

What advice do you have for new members?⠀
Make sure you set mini goals and remember to keep your weights low when you are learning a new move. ⠀

What message do you have for your gym family? ⠀
I love working out with everyone... thank you for helping me put away my gear each day.... lets band together and see if we can get Joe to send those echo bikes back (just kidding)