April Member of the Month

Tell us about yourself! 

Member of the Month (2).png

Je m’appelle Bethany Henriques.  ..je parle français, si tu ne savais pas.  I am very happily married to the love of my life, Ashley (she’s the bomb ass PT affiliated with ECCF) and we just are each other’s soulmates.  Gross, I know. ️

My first and foremost occupation, with skills to pay the bills, is as a Nurse Manager of PACU at Virginia Mason. My second occupation, for the pure love of it, is as a Cycling Instructor at CycleBar South Lake Union here in Seattle. I’ve been teaching indoor cycling for almost 10 yrs, and I have such a passion for motivating others to find their spark on a bike.

A little about me: I’m originally from Ohio. O-H!! But I have lived alllll over including LA for almost 8 hrs and even in St Croix in the Caribbean for my job. With all that traveling, it’s brought a huge variety into my life so I really have an adventurous spirit and am down for challenges and some would say I am very extroverted, though I do like my quiet time. 

I love ALL music, except for country (I mean, I can still dig a little Shania...’let’s go girls ’), food-down to try anything. Annnnd I am a wine LOVER. Have tried a lot of it, have tasted everywhere, alllllll over California and Oregon and would love to go to the south of France and taste the best of them!! It would be my dream!!

What inspired you to start CrossFit? 

Well, with all my years of cycling, I’ve always loved lifting and have done ‘okay’ lifting on my own. The past couple of years though, with increased cycling, it became way too difficult to keep myself as motivated in my lifting regimen and I really needed a challenging reset. I had heard so many good things about CrossFit and I keep shirking it off for years so I decided to buckle down, throw caution to the wind and ‘get after it’ almost a year ago at Emerald City!

What are your fitness goals?

Gosh, I have so many, but, right now, I truly wanna get better at anything gymnastic on the bars: pull ups, toes 2 bar, chest 2 bar, handstand push ups, etc. I’m getting there slowly and have made some strides buuuut man, what I would give for those to be easy movements for me, but they aren’t. So pumped for Gymnastics Club coming up at ECCF for that sole reason!

What do you enjoy most about Emerald City CrossFit?

The PEOPLE, the coaches, the community of it all. Of course the workout are kick ass, but truly it’s the people. I feel like we really celebrate each other’s ‘wins’ at ECCF and we build each other up. I love that type of stuff. 

What advice do you have for new members?

DON’T EVER GIVE UP!! Chip away and work hard at those movements that challenge you and always remember that change is supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it oh so good. ️

What message do you have for your gym family?

I’m so flattered to be ‘member of the month’, honestly it touched my heart. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but when my wife and I first moved to Seattle, we were very lonely for our friend gang from Columbus, and joining the gym, gaining the community and the friendships at the gym changed our whole world here. We just love you all so much!!

Thanks Joe, Kendra, and all of the Coaches who push me every day. You guys all have a little piece of my heart and motivation. ️️

Bethany H-Out