Why We Wait For Everyone to Finish Their WOD

Remember the first time you walked into a CrossFit gym? If you come from an athletic background walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time may not have been a unique experience for you, but if you don’t it can be utterly terrifying staring at equipment you have no idea how to use, looking at the whiteboard that’s written in a different language, or staring at the incredibly fit individuals picking up a barbell that weighs more than they do. Not too long ago, I (Coach Kendra) used to break out in hives because I was so nervous about going to the gym. I would sometimes drive all the way there just to turn around and go back home because just seeing everyone WODing through the windows would cause me so much anxiety. While the gym can be an incredible place that fosters fitness, community, and fun, for some the gym represents a place of failure, insecurity, mental barriers, or feeling out of place, at least at the beginning.

That’s why we want to thank our ECCF community for valuing every single athlete’s workout and waiting for everyone to finish their WOD before putting gear away. While it may be a small change to you, it means the world to athletes who are already having a bad day or are just starting out on their fitness journey. No one likes finishing last, but absolutely no one likes finishing last when everyone else has put their gear away and is leaving the gym or standing around and talking. At ECCF we want to honor everyone’s fitness journey and give them space and time to accomplish their WOD.

One of the most incredible aspects of CrossFit is the community and it’s the reason why for many of us, the gym is our second home. Waiting for everyone to finish their WOD is just one way we can foster that community and show that we value everyone’s unique personal goals.

When you walk through the door you are not only at ECCF for your personal fitness, but you are there for your fellow athletes. They may need your encouragement, smile, or hi-five more than you know. Teamwork makes the dream work, and those around us make us better, stronger, and faster.

So when you finish your WOD, grab a roller, sit down and drink that protein shake, hop on the bike for a cool-down ride or grab a band for some extra mobility while you cheer on your fellow athletes! You just might be the reason they come back again and again, accomplishing their goals one day at a time.

-Coach Kendra