Yoga With Nathaniel Starts this Sunday!

Hello, Everyone! I look forward to meeting you and, in advance of our meeting, I wanted to send out a few quick thoughts identifying my hopes for adding yoga to your existing program. As time goes on, I’ll work with Kendra and Joe to offer more specific insights, and, for my first installment, I wanted to offer a frame for adding yoga to your life.

Consider yoga as a practice of integration. The word ‘yoga’ arrives from the Sankrit yuj (‘to yoke’), which, to me, means you’re connecting seemingly disconnected things when you’re practicing yoga. At CrossFit, you’re practicing high-intensity resistance training in a variety of movement planes. Yoga can offer a way to consider what actions connect these movements. The practice, thereby, supports you in more efficiently engaging your mind, your breath, and your body to improve overall performance. When I’ve worked with athletes before, I’ve seen them improve their range of motion, efficiency, and recovery time even after just a few sessions of yoga.

I like to also think of yoga as an active recovery method. The physical practice emphasizes isometric actions that help improve proprioception, muscle extensibility, and overall flexibility. Furthermore, the breath can be used in service of activating the ‘rest and digest’ aspect of your nervous system, which supports you in the recovery portion of your workout. My training has been specifically organized around a set of alignment principles that exist to keep you safe in your body, while also challenging you to build strength, flexibility, and maybe even do some cool arm balances.

My hope is simple. As you come to the practice, your workouts improve as well. I want to make sure I’m continuing to support you in your journey as a part of the Emerald City CrossFit community. If you have ideas for future classes (things you want to work on, muscle groups that feel important to open up, any injuries, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact me at

I look forward to seeing you on your mat!