*CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

*CrossFit Weighlifting Trainer

Growing up I was a TOTAL tomboy.  Having to wear a dress was an actual crisis.  My older brother was my idol and hanging with him made me tough.   My intensely competitive nature fueled my imperative need to keep up with the older, stronger kids.  I participated in every sport my parents would drive me to; gymnastics, soccer, basketball, tennis, softball.  As I got older, soccer won my heart and became my dominant sport.  It was everything to me, my passion and my identity. 

When organized athletics ended, I felt that identity slip away.  Who was I if not an athlete?  Sure I could go running, lift some weights, maybe do a spin class.  But where was the competition? The intensity? The camaraderie?  The inspiration of progress?  I wasn’t sure I’d ever get those feelings back in my life.  Solo trips to the “globo gym” and ladies’ boot camps were NOT cutting it. 

Finally, I found them!  All those feelings were at CrossFit! The best thing about CrossFit for me is that I get to feel like, and be coached as, a real athlete.  We are pushed to our limits and we get better.  We celebrate each other’s victories and support each other through our challenges.  With becoming a coach myself, I am truly living my dream job.  It is so inspiring to see people surprise themselves with what they can accomplish when they are surrounded by people who believe in them.  Among CrossFit affiliates, ECCF is a special place and I am so grateful to have found a home here.