EST. in 2012

Our Mission - To create a supportive community where you can be awesome in your physical ability and have fun doing it, so you can live a longer, happier, and healthier life - go harder, faster, and stronger at everything inside and outside the gym, to have energy for yourself in sports and hobbies, for your family adventures, to just be the best "you" you can be and feel proud along side others doing the same. 

We are a group dedicated to excellent and inclusive service, quality coaching, and providing the best quality fun, clean, and enjoyable gym atmosphere. We are passionate about CrossFit and helping others reach their fitness goals!



Complete Health and Fitness program designed to make everyday extraordinary.

2308 E Madison St. | (206) 465-9640 | info@emeraldcitycrossfit.com

If fitness is your objective, then there is a home for you at Emerald City CrossFit!

Our application of fitness is result-based and our approach is functional fitness. It has been proven that CrossFit training increases energy levels, boosts metabolism, improves body composition, enhances performance, and elevates fitness, all of which improve the quality of life! It is for everyone! By becoming a part of CrossFit and its mission, you will become part of a team. Within this team, you will find camaraderie and support that will push you further than you would ever push yourself! 

Embrace the Intensity!

Enjoy the Challenge!

See you at the gym!