At Emerald City CrossFit, we believe in fitness with a purpose.  We exist to empower people to enrich their lives through a lifestyle of fitness in community. We want to help you live your life to the fullest.  

We want to help you THRIVE.

What does thrive mean to us?

To thrive is to be able to live the life you want to live. To pursue each and every endeavor that you dream up and have the physical capacity to accomplish it!

To thrive means to be able to pick your 3 year old off the floor without back pain or carry in the groceries without losing your breath.

To thrive means that you have the energy to play soccer with your grandkids or play a pick-up game with your college buddies.

To thrive means to feel good in your body and walk with confidence.

To thrive means that you have the courage to take on any challenge that life throws at you.  

To thrive is to decide to be disciplined, to work hard, to make healthy choices and to enjoy a lifestyle of fitness.

To thrive is to have the confidence and energy to pursue your passion.

To to thrive is to flourish in your work.

To thrive means to leave our gym with a smile on your face, knowing that you just made an investment in your life, and even better, in the lives of others.

And to THRIVE, we need a community of support behind us.  We need people that will encourage us, challenge us, sharpen us, and help us be our very best.

We truly are better Together.

Together means that you walk through the door and feel accepted and safe.

Together means to have a community around you cheering you on when you are the last one to finish the workout.

Together means that you are a participant in a thriving community of support.

Together means that investing in your health is a community project.

Together means that we need accountability to be our very best.

Together means that we can go to the gym to be amongst friends and family.  The gym can be our second home, not a “to do” item.

Together means that we need each other to inspire and be inspired.

Together means that you can pick me up when I fall, and I can pick you up the same way.

Together means that we are stronger as a community.

Together means that we give back to others because we have been given so much.

How can a gym do that?

The simple answer? Because we love what we do. The long answer?


Our Vision:

At Emerald City CrossFit our mission is carried out by empowering, enriching, and engaging all of our athletes. We believe that when you first walk in our doors we exist to educate you on the fundamentals of CrossFit, healthy living, and what it means to be a part of our community. Through this education, we want to inspire you and help enrich your life through lifestyle changes, discipline in the gym, and growth as an athlete and healthy individual. We also believe that to be your best, you need to be surrounded by a thriving community with people who seek to not only take, but who come to the gym to give back. Our ultimate goal is to empower you with knowledge, enrich your life through discipline and hard work, and keep you as a lifelong contributor to the community within the gym, as well as the community of the greater Seattle area.

We are known and celebrated for our excellence in programming.

Every workout, program, challenge, and plan is designed in house.  We’ve been in the CrossFit industry for over 10 years and have tested, re-tested, evaluated and developed a program proven to give you results . Each WOD, warm-up, and post-WOD is designed especially for our CrossFit community and is practiced by all of our coaches. Our in-house programming allows us to tailor to what our specific athletes need and want. This means that all of your coaches are by your side doing the exact same workout that was designed for our community of athletes. Our in-house programming is unique to our athletes, challenging, and will get you fit for life.

We will guide you step by step through the best hour of your day.

The hardest part is getting through the door, but once you’re in, we have got you covered! Our expert coaches will guide you through the nuts and bolts of the workout including movement standards, the intended stimulus, and scaling options. Our coaches will then take you through a thorough warm-up and mobility session to get all those muscles working the way they should be in order to crush your workout. Next, our coaches will guide you through the skill of the day, this might be 5x3 High Bar Back Squats or push-up progressions. Next we get into the WOD, where your coach will supervise and encourage you to make sure you are safe and enjoy your WOD. Next we will lead you through the Post-WOD where your coach might talk you through some cool down stretching or rowing, or walk you through a mini core workout. The best part? You’re doing all of this around people that will become your lifelong friends!

Personal Training

CrossFit is intimidating, we totally get it. Maybe group classes just aren’t for you. That’s why we offer personal training. Our 1 x 1 personal training is the same as group classes, to give you the best hour of your life and help you achieve all of your goals. We will do just about anything to help you do that.

Specialty Classes: Barbell Club, Women’s Strength, Gymnastics Club

We want our athletes to constantly see progress and we also recognize that different athletes want to spend more time perfecting different movements, which is why we offer specialty classes to dial in the skills an athlete seeks the most. Our coaches have an outstanding pedigree of coaching credentials and want to pass their knowledge on to each and every member!

Giving back to our community

Giving back is central to who we are and why we do what we do. We believe that fitness is for a purpose and part of that purpose is giving back to our community. Click on the links below to learn more!

Muscle Against Mucus

Nutrition Coaching (more coming soon!)

We believe that at the base of all fitness and long term health is nutrition. You simply can’t outwork a bad diet, which is why we offer yearly Nutrition Challenges to help you get the jumpstart that you need in understanding what foods make you feel the best and give you the energy to thrive.

A Family Gym

Bring the kids, bring the dog, no matter how young or old everyone is welcome!